Benefits of Membership

Below we have listed some of the services that ZCCI provides to its members for free:

  • Inviting members to participate in conferences, "round-table" talks, business meetings and other events that are held at ZCCI and other Ukrainian CCIs.
  • Giving consultations and providing information about the matters that are included into the ZCCI's scope of activities;
  • Displaying information about ZCCI members, including their commercial proposals, on the internet and ZCCI web site;
  • Disseminating materials regarding demands and offers of foreign firms interested in establishing contacts with domestic companies
  • Arranging and conducting practical seminars on external-economic activity, marketing, quality and certification of production, tax and custom regulations, legal issues, etc.;
  • Providing information and giving consultations about exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Consultations on drawing up business contracts regarding their reliability, compliance with current law, risks involved, etc.
The following services are provided to ZCCI members at a reduced rate:
  • Informational-marketing and inquiry service (30% discount);
  • Placing advertisements in the business weekly of ZCCI - newspaper "MERCURIY" (20% discount);
  • Drawing reliability certificates (20% discount);
  • Participation in exhibitions arranged and carried out by ZCCI (10% discount);
  • Registration of trade marks (20% discount);
  • Subscription to the magazine "Dilovyy Visnyk" (50% discount);
  • • Subscription to the business weekly newspaper "Merkuriy" (50% discount).

ZCCI also organizes further training and upgrade qualifications courses abroad. It also arranges trips for delegations of Ukrainian business people to International trade fairs, exhibitions, and business forums.

For any questions regarding membership in ZCCI please contact our Membership Department. Tel.: 34-44-85


Membership is open to all juridical persons that have been registered and act in accordance with Ukrainian laws, as well as Ukrainian citizens registered as private entrepreneurs, and their associations.

How Do I Become a Member

To become a member of ZCCI, a subject of entrepreneurial activity submits an application along with a copy of the Certificate of State Registration, and fills out the ZCCI membership form. If the request has been complied with, the new member pays the initiation fee and becomes a member of ZCCI, which means contemporaneous admittance to Ukrainian CCI. Members of ZCCI maintain a voluntary dues investment, the amount of which is defined annually by the decision of the Ukrainian and Zhytomyr CCI Council. Members of ZCCI receive a Registration Certificate and a Membership Card.

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