Declaration of Customs Cargo

Zhytomyr Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been successfully providing customs freight declaration services since 1989.

Highly-skilled brokers working in Zhytomyr city and district centers of Zhytomyr region provide a full complex of customs and broker services, including issuing customs declarations for companies engaged in external commercial activities.

The high level of professionalism, practical and informational support on external commerce issues, possibility to buy services on credit and to receive free consultations, competitive prices, being treated with care and attention - these are some of the factors that draw more and more clients to us. Zhytomyr CCI has developed a wide network of services for goods declaration throughout the Zhytomyr Region.


Customs brokers of the Zhytomyr CCI in Zhytomyr Region:

13303, Berdychiv, 79, K. Libknekhta Street, Tel: (04143) 2-13-90, 9-51-99 – declaration of cargo, expertise

11500, Korosten, 26a, Tabukashvili Street, Tel.: (04142) 4-22-74 – declaration of cargo, expertise

11708, Novograd-Volynskyi, 31-A Franko Street, Tel.: (04141) 2-05-20 – declaration of cargo, expertise

12505, Korostyshiv, 68 Gorkogo Street, Tel.: (04130) 5-64-32 – declaration of cargo, expertise

11104, Ovruch, 1/20, Ovruch disrict, Kirdany village, Shevchenko Street, Tel.: (04148) 2-25-10 – declaration of cargo, expertise

11602, Malyn, 12 Grushevskoho Street, of. 306, Tel.: (04133) 9-77-57 – declaration of cargo, expertise

11001, Olevsk, 15 Pokalchuka Street Tel.: (04135) 2-14-00 – declaration of cargo, expertise

12110, Irshansk, 1a Shevchenko Street , Tel.: (04145) 4-43-20 – declaration of cargo, expertise


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