Expert Estimation of Property

Complying with the Ukrainian law "On estimation of property, property rights and professional evaluating activity" experts of ZCCI provide a wide range of property estimation services:

    • Estimation of property for companies with different form of ownership (JSCs, collective agricultural companies, plants, factories, etc.);
    • Estimation of property when a company is being organized, reorganized or goes bankrupt;
    • Determination of market price for movable and immovable property;
    • Re-estimation of basic funds for accounting purposes;
    • Estimation of property when it is put in pledge or taken as a pledge;
    • Estimation of property when assessing damage and/or amount of statuary compensation; • Estimation of parcels of shares owned by companies;
    • Evaluation of property included into collective investment fund and determining the cost of each owner's share in case of distribution of property;
    • Calculation of immovable property turnover of companies, organizations and other juridical persons when sold to physical persons;
    • Evaluation of contributions into collective investment fund, and determination of size of each owner's shares in case of property distribution;
    • Estimation of whole property complexes of companies including their financial rating;
    • Evaluation of intellectual property;
    • Estimation of seized and ownerless property and property taken as tax pledge;
    • Evaluation of property owned by military units;
    • Estimation of land.
Property Estimation Department, tel.: (0412) 43-19-56

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