Economic attractiveness of Zhytomyr region

Zhytomyr region was formed on September 22, 1937 and is located in the central part of the East European Plain in the north-bank Ukraine. Region’s area 29.9 thousand km ², representing 4.9% of Ukraine. Region’s area occupies 5th place according to the area. The population of the region is 1,345,000, of which more than half live in cities. The structure of the field is 23 administrative districts and 5 cities of regional subordination. The area has a border with the Republic of Belarus length of 280 km, mostly from Gomel Region. At the border crossing points are 2 - Square-Kopyshchanskyi in Olevsk and Vystupovychi in Ovruch districts. In addition, there are checkpoints at railway stations in Ovruch and Korosten and air - in urban type village Ozerne of Zhytomyr region. The region borders with Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Rivne regions of Ukraine. Due to its geographical location and extensive network of roads and railways region has excellent transport links to Kyiv, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Kharkov, Odessa, Minsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as Eastern and Central Europe. Today the area is a developed agricultural and industrial region of Ukraine. Thus, in the depths of the region is concentrated over 85% of national supplies quartz, apatite, labradorite and gabbro. Zhytomyr region provides Zhytomyr Ukraine and foreign countries requirements in titanium concentrate. Mineral potential field includes facing stone, marble, gems, raw materials for metallurgy and construction industry, limestone, brown coal and peat. Explored reserves of alkaline kaolins, their volume and number can produce up to half a million tons of field spar concentrate per year. There are deposits of building sand, schist, ceramic clay, and other mineral building materials. Also present rare earth elements - vanadium, scandium, hafnium, thorium, which are in great demand in the world market. Real perspective is a deposit of marble, which has marvelous pattern and polished well. The region produces Semi-precious stones - beryl, topaz, quartz, followed by working and making jewelry. The region ranks second in Ukraine in respect of forest resources. Production activity of the region has always been in agricultural areas. Agriculture provides almost 30% of GDP, provides citizens with basic food and raw materials processing industry. Thanks to the fact that region is located in two soil-climatic zones (Polissia and woodland steppe), there are all necessary conditions for conducting diversified agriculture. Advantageous geographical location Zhytomyr region, its mineral raw, natural, human potential contribute to the growth of interest from domestic and foreign investors in investing investment here. Moreover, the diverse interests - both in industry and in the regions. Regional enterprises cooperate with partners around the world. Nearly two-thirds of foreign capital received from investors in Switzerland, Italy, the U.S., the Virgin Islands, Germany, Cyprus. Business entities engaged in the field of foreign trade activities with partners around the world. Relations with the CIS countries remain close. Quite good connections supported by regional companies with partners from Germany, Italy, Turkey and Moldova. In export deliveries major part is in the wood and wood products, textiles, mineral products, with imports - machinery and equipment, textiles, polymers, plastics and rubber.

Zhytomyr region – is a region that has outstanding prospects. Management of the region is ready to meet interesting investment proposals and invites you to cooperate. Welcome to Zhytomyr region!

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