Public Activity of the Zhytomyr CCI

The Zhytomyr CCI conducts active public and political activity and is a member of Board of the Zhytomyr Regional Fund for Business Support; of Work Group in the Zhytomyr Regional Administration for training and providing participation of representatives from the region in international business, investment and privatization forums; of Municipal Commission on Development of Business and Small Business; of Coordination Council at Zhytomyr City Executive Committee on Questions of Business Development; of National Olympic Committee in the Zhytomyr Region.

The Zhytomyr CCI is engaged in charity work in different institutions, funds and among physical persons in the Zhytomyr Region.

Over 5 years the Zhytomyr CCI owns its basketball team which several times occupied prize-winning places in championship in Zhytomyr.

The Zhytomyr Chamber of Commerce and Industry organizes and conducts annual personal and team competitions in bullet shooting for Cup of the first President of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry O.P. Mikhailichenko which have become a beautiful tradition and a remarkable event in public life of Zhytomyr.

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